Paul Maarek



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Political Economy, Labor Economics, Development Economics, Applied Economics


American Political Science Review 
Journal of Comparative Economics
Scandinavian Journal of Economics
Labor share and Development. 2017, with Elsa Orgiazzi.
World Bank Economic Review (accepted)
Economic Systems
Scandinavian Journal of Economics
Development and Regulation Under the Threat of Revolution. 2016, with Michael Dorsch and Karl Dunz . 
 Journal of Comparative Economics
Annals of Economics and Statistics   
Macro Shocks and Costly Political Actions in Non-Democracies. 2015, with Michael Dorsch and Karl Dunz.  
Public Choice 
Inefficient Predation and Political Transitions. 2014, with Michael Dorsch.  
European Journal of Political Economy   
Peace Economics, Peace Science and Public Policy 
Currency Crises and the Labor Share. 2013, with Elsa Orgiazzi.  
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