General Presentation

The LEMMA group was created in 2003 by a few number of researchers, economists, mathematicians and computer scientists from the Université Panthéon-Assas, Paris 2. This group belongs to the LabEx MME-DII.
Thanks to its development over the last ten years, the group now has 19 full members, and hosts fifteen doctoral students. Its research is centered around two main topics: Games and Decision and Applied Microeconomics.

  • The Games and Decision axis brings together contributions related to behaviors in a pure decision theoretic context or under strategic interaction as well. The methodology used is both theoretical and experimental.
  • The Applied Microeconomics axis is particularly concerned with the functioning of the education system, the labor market structure, the phenomenon of inequality, the impact of incentives, the financial structure of firms, and finally the determinants of money demand.

Antoine BILLOT, director